“Lump”: vocabulary meaning.

A protrusion you have for example on your head because you hit it against a hard object. A lump might be a sign of a serious illness, it’s usually hard, covers a small area on a person’s body and sticks out, you can feel it with your fingers.

Other examples of “lump” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He banged his head and had a lump.
  • The majority of these lumps aren’t cancerous.
  • I have a strange lump on my hand.

“Lump”: use in context explanation

The husband comes back home. When the wife sees him she can’t believe her eyes. He looks like he’s got into a fight. He’s got lumps, bruises and scratches on his body. She is really worried and asks what’s happened to him. The man explains everything. It’s because of the weather conditions. It’s cold, it’s snowing, the pavements are slippery (there’s a lot of ice on the streets). He fell on the icy street and got injured. He is hurting a lot and asks his wife to help and comfort him.