“Slip”: vocabulary meaning.

Slide and fall down because you’re walking on something like ice or wet floor. We say then that this kind of floor is slippery because it’s easy to slip on it.

Other examples of “slip” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Be careful not to slip!
  • I was walking down the street when I slipped.
  • The floor is wet, you might slip.

“Slip”: use in context explanation

Dick is walking down the street when suddenly he sees a beautiful girl. He gets distracted looking at her and he doesn’t notice a warning sign on the floor which says: “Caution! slippery floor”. He walks on and suddenly he slips and falls down right onto the girl. He instinctively grabs onto the girl’s legs. She turns around to see what’s just happened and why someone is touching her and he sees Dick lying on the ground and saying: “sorry”.