“Trip”: vocabulary meaning.

When you’re walking and there’s an object on the ground like a stone for example but you don’t see it, you hit your foot against this stone, you lose balance and fall.

Other examples of “trip” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Careful! Don’t trip over that cable!
  • He tripped and fell down and now he has a broken bone.
  • Don’t put all those objects on the floor. Someone might trip and fall.

“Trip”: use in context explanation

It’s Dick and Gina’s wedding anniversary! They want to celebrate it in a special way. Gina prepares rose petals and puts them on the floor, while she is waiting for Dick in bed. She has also put some of their pictures on the floor to remind her husband about all those happy moments they have spent together. Dick comes back home from work and sees the surprise. He follows the petals and suddenly he accidentally trips over a picture, which Gina has put on the floor.